Emily Morton is the third character you will meet in the city of London. She drives an Ascent. She is usually found in the vicinity of the Tower Bridge, which overlooks the Thames River. As with every other character in this game, you must complete three head-to-head races as well as three waypoint races in order to progress further into the game. In beating her in the head-to-head competitions, she will hand over her Ascent 235, the Ascent 237si and the Ascent 470ds. Winning each of the waypoint races gives you the ability to race Darren Thurrock, the street racing champion of London.

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in the manual included with the game that Emily is a party girl.
  • The Ascent 235 that she drives is grey in appearance, bearing two thin black stripes on the lower half of the car.
  • The Ascent 237si that she drives is larger than the previous model and colored blue. The only noticeable design present on this vehicle would be the slightly darker blue stripe on the trunk.
  • The Ascent 470ds that she drives is painted white, featuring two noticeable blue stripes streaming accross the each side of the car. Also present is a large spoiler.
  • In the introductory cutscene to this game, the Ascent 470ds is depicted often. However, instead of it's default white, it features yellow as its main colour. This leads us to think that this is either a simple change in colour, or perhaps the beta version of this car.
  • The main sponsor for Emily's set of vehicles is GReddy.

Emily Morton - Gallery Edit

Ascent 470ds

Ascent 470ds