In 2011 Peanuteegee is planning to make a Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition the first Midnight Club fangame he always dreamed of, he used notepad and added screenshots of Midnight Club Street Racing gameplay to help him think for some ideas, he didn't knew game engines that much, he orginally wanted to add the remake edition to the xbox 360 but he scrapped that idea later, he made a book of the remake and wanted to add Crash Time 1, 2 and 3 vehicles to the game, he later scrapped that idea, he later gave in developing the game because he didn't knew game engines and went back to his life.


In mid 2014, he came back developing Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition and sent a letter to Rockstar San Diego (formely Angel Studios) that he is planning the game, he thought of some ideas like netplay and other features, he thought about bugfixing the game and adding new racers and vehicles so he did that idea, he was orginally about to release MCSR Remake to the public in 2014 but he took so many attempts to send the lettter to Rockstar San Diego.


Peanuteegee will start doing the developing of the game, this time he has found the address to send the letter to Rockstar San Diego to get the equipment from Rockstar San Diego, for some months later he gave up waiting for them and tries and find a game modding tool from someone else and Peanuteegee aka Eubie found the ISO of MCSR at the 19th Feburary and extracted the files using the MagicISO app at the 23rd Feburary, he got a little help from Sajmon14pl before Eubie had extracted and found the ISO files of MCSR, after some days later he said it was a joke, so Eubie tries and find a game modding tool himself, he made the concept art of the MCSR RE vehicles, he later opened the cars.dta file containing the geometry and textures of the cars using WINZIP, sometime later he tries to find a modding tool, Sadly, he had hard time looking for it, so in March 21th he sends a message to Sajmon to get help and tips to find a modding too, sometime later he halted the development for 3 months and after 3 months later in June he got back to develop MCSR:RE but this time he removed disney-releated content and changing his name eventually.