"Homeboy" is a character in Midnight Club: Street Racing Remake Edition.

Career Mode/Arcade Mode/Online Mode Edit

Homeboy are regular opponents the player races with him/her in New York City, London and New York City 2.0. His/her car of choice is any vehicle they can choose. There are lots of Homeboys in the game, they only appear in Waypoint, Head to Head, Capture the Flag and Circuit. Unlike Hookmen, they cannot talk and they are driverless, their AI will be fixed and more smarter in Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition, Homeboy 0 counts as Hookman, Unlike Hookmen, Homeboys have orange indicators.

The variety types of Homeboys in this list:

Homeboy 0 (Homeboy 0 will be unused in Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition upcoming pre-Alpha 1.00 but Homeboy 0 counts as a Hookman)

Homeboy 1-5

Homeboy 6-etc (exclusive for Midnight Club Street Racing Remake Edition)