Keiko Hatano - Career Mode Edit

Keiko Hatano is the third character you will meet in New York. Her vehicle of choice is the Pirahna. She is usually found roaming the streets of the northeastern sector of the city. By choosing to follow her, she will lead you to the southwest area of the city, near a large industrial building. To beat this character, you must complete the same number of challenges as you did with the previous two characters. You must claim victory in three head-to-head competitions, as well as three waypoint races. In winning each of the head-to head competitions, you gain access to the Pirahna PDQ, the Pirahna PDQ I and to the Pirahna PDQ ARi. Beating the waypoint races allows to face the likes of Kareem Windross, the champion street racer in New York City.

Trivia Edit

  • Keiko is of Asiatic descent.
  • She is known to be crafty, often manipulating others with her charm in order to win.
  • According to the manual included in the purchase of the game, Keiko, "...dresses in the best designer clothes..."
  • The Pirahna PDQ that she drives is painted bright yellow, featuring an array of designs, including a red and white stripe streching across the vehicle, and a Wings West emblem placed on the trunk.
  • The Pirahna PDQ I that she drives is coloured both green and white, sporting an additional yellow stripe across the middle of both sides of the car.
  • The Pirahna PDQ ARi that she drives contains both red and black as colours. A checkered flag design separates these two paints.
  • In conclusion, these vehicles loosely resemble a two door Honda Civic hatchback. The only differences that separate these two would be the overall height of the vehicle and the foramation of the side windows.
  • Her haircut is similar to Skrillex, a famous dubstep DJ.