Larry Muller - Career Mode Edit

Larry Muller is the second character you will meet in the city of New York. His vehicle of choice is the Jones. He is located in the southestern part of the city. By following him, he will lead you to a small field in the residential portion of northeast New York. Much like any other character in this game, you must complete three head-to-head matches, as well as three waypoint races. By completing the head-to-head races, you earn each of Larry's pinkslips, including the Jones 400, the Jones 420 and the Jones 450. Beating the waypoint races get you one step closer to facing Kareem, the champion street racer of New York City.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry Muller was raised in the Queen's district of New York.
  • Much like Emilio, Larry's masculinity might also be in question, as he will sometimes refer to himself as the, "Queen of King...I mean the King of Queens."
  • The Jones 400 that he drives is painted green, bearing noteworthy checkered flag pattern.
  • The Jones 420 that he drives is coloured orange, featuring a large blue flame design on the front of the vehicle.
  • The Jones 450 that he drives is a solid blue, finalized with a similar checkered flag pattern. Also noticable is a roof mounted spoiler.
  • In summary, each of these vehicles strongly represents an extremely modified variant of the two door Chevrolet S-10.
  • Larry's vehicles also resemble a lowered and sportier variant of the Yosemite, a vehicle used later in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.