Splitscreen and Netgames Edit

Splitscreen games are games held on one console, with the two-four player screens being split. A combination of controllers for 2-4 players are used for control. Splitscreen games include all the same game types that network games use, at the orginial MCSR there is only 2 player support.

Network games, often shortened netgames, are games that are played online with other people. They are set up by a host, with up to 15 other members joining the game. The host has full control of what race is being played, whether chatting to others in microphone is allowed. He/she can also kick unwanted players. Most of the host's privileges can be lent to someone else in the netgame, there is also split screen support if a player had made 1 player/guest or more who has the same console as that player join.